Vehicle Data

Getting vehicle data from provides you with comprehensive data regarding a car, from the VIN to the license plate. We can provide all the relevant information in a convenient report that is well-organized and gives you access to all the information you need.

This type of vehicle data is particularly helpful for anyone in the automotive industry, but it can also benefit companies outside the industry looking to buy or hire vehicles and even individuals.

VIN Check

The VIN check is an instant VIN lookup. When you provide a VIN, we will show you the vehicle’s information, such as make, model, features, and mileage. We can also show you the title records and any repairs, accidents, or salvage records.

This type of check is essential before buying any used car, whether for personal or business use. While any company looking to expand its fleet should consider this data, it is particularly important for dealerships that buy and sell used cars, as it helps ensure you pay a fair price.

License Plate Lookup

The license plate lookup lets you just provide a license plate number and the state and get information about the vehicle. You will find the VIN, information about the owner, the vehicle title information, and potentially even any information regarding the driver’s court records and criminal driving violations.

This is an alternative method of learning more about a vehicle that you are thinking of purchase. It is also helpful in the case of an accident or crime that involves a car, as it lets you easily find the owner of the vehicle. Example situations could include a hit-and-run when an employee is driving one of your company vehicles or an argumentative customer parking their car in front of your business with their license plate visible. In the latter case, you could use the information to ban them, whether or not you contact the police.

Vehicle History

The vehicle history provides much of the same information as the VIN search but frequently with more detail. You can see information about its ownership and accident history, including any repairs made to the vehicle.

You always want to check the vehicle history before buying a car, as you want to confirm that the title is clean and that it does not have any serious damage.

Car Window Sticker

The car window sticker lookup will show you all of the information that would appear on the window sticker of a vehicle if it were at an auto dealership. The sticker will let you confirm the make and model of the vehicle. It will also show the original equipment installed on the vehicle and its original cost.

Like most of the other vehicle data we can provide you with, this information can help companies and individuals decide whether to buy a given vehicle.

Trucker/Commercial Vehicle Database

The vehicle database for truckers and commercial vehicles can help companies looking to hire transportation for their products or materials. The database provides details on the trucking company, the vehicle, and even insurance data.

This type of data can help businesses more confidently choose a trucking company to hire to transport their goods.