Property Data

At, we give you access to all the property data you should need, all combined in one location. We gather data from a range of sources across the web, including both free and paid ones, so you don’t have to. We then combine this data into a convenient report that lets you see all the information you need at a glance.

Address Lookup

There are two types of address lookups that we can offer our assistance with. If you have the name of a person or company, we can provide their address for you. This is helpful for getting in contact with others. It can also help businesses decide if another company is too far away to work with.

The other service is a reverse lookup where you enter the address, and we let you know who owns the property. This can be incredibly helpful for those in real estate or anyone looking to purchase a property but unsure how to contact the owners.

Asset Search

Our asset searches involve searching both private and public records to look at the history of an asset, including its ownership. It can also confirm what assets someone or a company has.

This type of property data can help a range of industries, including lenders. Lenders will find it particularly helpful for determining if a potential client is high-risk or low-risk based on their asset ownership.

Property Records

Property records provide details of a property, including its history of ownership. These property records can also include tax rates, property assessment value, tax liens, tax exemptions, and other related information. Property records also provide specific information about the property, including its address, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms or office spaces, and any noteworthy amenities.

These records are especially useful for those in the real estate industry. Realtors can use them to determine the ideal listing price for a property. Potential buyers of property can use them to confirm that they are paying a fair price and there are no tax liens they would be responsible for.

Other Ways to Use Property Data

In addition to the already-mentioned ways of using the property data, there are numerous other ways to put the information to good use. Any company, for example, can use the information to learn more about their competitor’s properties, including the property ownership and amenities, to try to get a competitive advantage.

Companies looking to open a new location can use property data to get a feel for the homes nearby and whether those who live nearby likely meet their target demographic. Or they can use the data to see who currently owns a property they want to buy or the zoning on a property for sale.

As always, our data at is designed to meet your needs. We will gladly customize the property data we provide you based on the type of information you need. We have the necessary resources to gather that data for you to let you make informed business decisions.