Product Data

Product data can be incredibly helpful for businesses, with such data finding use in various departments within a company. Our data can cover a range of information, giving your company the freedom to use the information in whatever way suits you best.

Barcode Lookup

Among our product data services, the most common information sought comes from a barcode lookup. When you provide us with a barcode, we can find a vast range of information about the product in question. These include a product description, the manufacturer, photos, pricing, and other details about the product. We can even provide customer reviews.

How to Use Product Data

As mentioned, the possibilities for using the barcode data are limitless.

Product Brand

The brand behind the product can use the data to gather insights into how retailers are pricing the product, where it is for sale, and how customers feel about it.

Customer reviews can provide insights into areas for improvement or confirm that customers appreciate the product’s features.

You can also use the reviews to see what aspects of the product customers like best or what type of customer tends to buy the product most frequently. You can then use this information in marketing campaigns to guide your target audience. Or use it to figure out which features to highlight in your marketing campaign.

The pricing information can give you insight into whether retailers tend to put it on sale, which could indicate it may be selling poorly or you need to reevaluate your pricing model.


Retailers can use the product data to gain insight into which products they want to stock and learn more about those products. They can also use the data to see how competitors price the products, allowing them to get a better feel for the ideal price that will be competitive yet still deliver a profit.

Retailers can also use the reviews to gain similar insights into the brand. Perhaps retailers will want to incorporate favorite product features in their marketing campaigns for their store.

Or, retailers can look at the product reviews to see what other items people tend to buy together and arrange their stores accordingly.

Other Uses

Businesses can also look at product information from competitors to glean similar information.

For example, if a business is creating a new product and wants to know the ideal price range, they can review how much competitors are selling their items.

If a business wants to improve its product or market it as going above and beyond the competition, they could see what criticisms their competitors get in the reviews. They can then create an advertising strategy that shows how their own product resolves that issue and try to take business from the competition.

Our Product Data Services Are Adaptable

As with all of our other products, we can customize the type of product data that we provide for you. We can include information on various fields and use search filters to narrow down the results and keep them manageable while still providing the information you need.