People Data

Among the other types of data we help you access, you will find people data. This refers to data on people, such as their phone number, address, or email address. You can also find people data such as someone’s job role and where they work.

As with all of our other services, gathers this people data from a vast range of sources. This allows us to ensure that the information we give you is accurate and as detailed as possible.

Public Records

Most people do not realize how much data is available in the public records. If they do realize the extent of data available, then they likely don’t know how to find it. gathers all the data from various types of public records in one spot. The result is a comprehensive view of all the available information about a given person in one spot.

Voter Database

Some of our data comes from voter databases. This can sometimes include information such as party affiliation as well as address or general location information such as a city.

Organizations involved in politics, such as political campaigns, and any organization trying to promote vast change, can use this information to get a list of people who may support their candidate or cause. Essentially, it can help them generate leads.

Phone Lookup

Our phone lookup information can go two ways. You can enter a phone number and see who the number is associated with. Or you can find the phone number for someone.

This is particularly helpful anytime you want to contact someone but have lost their phone number. Our records will give you the information you need, whether you are a person looking for a long-lost friend or a business trying to recruit a new employee.

The reverse phone lookup aspect of this is particularly helpful for those who get a call from an unknown number. It can give you the chance to prepare to call back, even if they didn’t leave a voicemail. After all, in many cases, you can deduce the purpose of the call based on who is calling.

Court Records, Criminal Records/Inmate Search, Mugshot Search, Arrest Records

One of the most commonly used personal data services we offer provides information about criminal records. We gather data from court proceedings and records, mugshots, arrest records, inmate searches, and criminal records. As always with, you can see all of this information regarding a person’s criminal, mugshot, and arrest records in a single entry, saving you the hassle of combining data.

This type of data is most commonly used for background checks, as it lets you confirm whether someone has a criminal record. Companies may use these records before hiring an employee or landlords may use them before accepting a tenant. Individuals and lawyers may also use this information for building a case in custody battles or divorce proceedings. Individuals can also use the information to screen potential roommates or investigate new neighbors.

Email Lookup

Our email lookups are very similar to our phone number lookups. You can use this data to easily find the contact email for someone. This is ideal for a range of purposes, from finding people you have lost contact with to contacting potential employees or service providers.

How Companies and Individuals Can Use the Data

We already touched on some of the ways that businesses and individuals can use the people data provides. There are also numerous others, with your only limit being your creativity.

The marketing team at companies can use people data to generate leads or find current contact information for past customers. Companies can also use general people data to help target their demographics or better understand their customers.

As everyone has a slightly different use in mind for people data, can customize the type of information that appears in your reports.