Business Data

When you are in search of data related to a business, can help you find exactly what you need. We give you seamless access to a variety of APIs to provide all the information you need on a single search. This saves you the effort of having to hunt down various APIs and portals to find the data you need.

We can customize our business data offerings to meet your needs, although we focus on helping you access a few specific types of information.

License Search can help you find relevant information about a business’s license, thanks to LicenseSearch. When searching for a business license, it is helpful to know the jurisdiction where the business is licensed and the type of license. For example, there are general business licenses as well as those for commercial fisheries, alcoholic beverage sales, fish and wildlife, mining and drilling, agriculture, transportation and logistics, firearms, and more.

The most common reason businesses and individuals rely on to get licensing information about another company is for peace of mind. If a company is not licensed, this is a major red flag that you do not want to work with them or hire them to perform a task.

Business Registrations

Business registrations are legal requirements for any company to operate. With a registration, a new business files its information with the local authorities. This can include a range of information, including their phone number and address, licensing, purpose, owners, and more.

As with any other business data, there is a range of reasons you may want to access the information in a business registration API. Looking at the data can help you confirm that a business fits your requirements for a partnership or someone to hire. Or, if you are planning on opening a new business, you could check registrations in your area to get a feel for the competition and decide between locations.

Motor Carrier Database

The motor carrier database provides data about trucking companies, including contact information. These databases also commonly offer information about the services the companies perform.

Most businesses who examine the motor carrier databases do so in order to confirm that the trucking company they plan to hire is reputable and can be counted on. Doing this type of research ahead of time reduces your business risk. While there is a risk of being scammed without this step, the more common issue is hiring a trucking company that does not deliver the expected results, leading to downtime or damaged products.

Doctors Database

Our doctors’ database provides relevant information about businesses, with a focus on doctors. You can use it to confirm the contact information, clinic location, specialties, training, experience, and more for doctors. Some databases also include reviews or ratings from past patients.

This type of business data is particularly helpful for individuals who are looking to find their next doctor. The data makes it simpler to find a doctor in your area that takes your insurance and has a good reputation. Some businesses can also use this information to their advantage. Insurance companies, for example, may use the database to help decide which doctors are in-network. Doctors may use it when writing referrals to specialists.

If you need any specific data regarding businesses, is willing to help. Thanks to our access to various databases and APIs, we have a highly adaptable sum of data.