Alternative Data

At, we pride ourselves on compiling data to help with your personal and business life. We offer a range of data services, including alternative data.

What Is Alternative Data?

Our alternative data products cover data that does not neatly fit into one of our other product categories. In other words, it is not personal, business, property, vehicle, or product data. It frequently includes types of data that you may not initially think of researching, but that can make a difference.

Unclaimed Money

The most popular part of our alternative data products is the search for unclaimed money, property, and other assets. This data can show you whether you have unclaimed funds, property, cash, or any other type of property or asset that is unclaimed.

It can show funds that you are entitled to from inheritance, life insurance policies, class action settlements, and more. It can also find unclaimed savings, which can be from a range of situations, such as forgotten money orders and bank accounts, lost accounts from forgetting to change your residence, or lost funds from name changes or the sudden death of the account holder, which would be an inheritance situation.

Between funds and assets from accounts you opened and those you received as an inheritance, there are numerous other possible sources as well. These can include investments, retirement accounts, pensions, wages, author royalties, gift card refunds, rebate checks, mineral royalties, screen actor residuals, musician royalties, and government checks like child support, social security benefits, tax refunds, and HUD refunds.

How to Put This Data to Use

The way you use this alternative data will depend largely on the type of data you want. For example, data on unclaimed money most commonly attract individuals. Everyone should be in the habit of occasionally checking for unclaimed funds, especially if they move frequently or do not see family members often. Those factors can increase the chances of being hard to reach or having an inheritance that they don’t know about.

People can use those unclaimed funds for anything they want. Some choose to use it to start a business, while others will pay off debts or buy a home, in the case of larger amounts. In the case of smaller amounts, it still provides an extra financial cushion and peace of mind.

Businesses can also get creative with our alternative data. If business investors or founders, for example, have unclaimed money, they may want to use it to further their business.

Or a business can ask us for other alternative data. At, we are always working to offer you even better products. This includes finding more ways to discover the data you need. This requires some feedback from you. If your business would find a particular type of alternative data useful, let us know. We will do our best to arrange to gather the data in question. We may even choose to add that type of data collection to our general list of products.