APIBrokers.com strives to provide businesses with the data they need to get the most from their platforms and systems. We pride ourselves on offering data spanning all of the most important categories that a business may require and on offering flexible solutions.

Providing Data Via APIs

Our system of providing data relies on various APIs that we have carefully gathered. Each has been chosen for its ability to deliver accurate, up-to-date information. Our experts have carefully considered the various APIs available and chosen only those that meet our high standards. This allows us to ensure that we provide businesses with current and accurate data that they can use for all of their decision-making needs.

We provide data in the following categories:

  • Business data, including license searches, business registrations, a doctors’ database, and a motor carrier database
  • People data, including public records, phone lookups, email lookups, court records, criminal records, inmate searches, arrest records, mug shot searches, and voter databases
  • Property data, including asset searches, property records, and address lookups
  • Vehicle data, including VIN checks, vehicle histories, license plate lookups, car window stickers, and trucker and commercial vehicle databases that include insurance data
  • Product data, including barcode lookups
  • Alternative data, including unclaimed money

We are always working to provide our clients with the data that they need. As such, we are always in search of more APIs that allow us to expand our offerings.

To this goal, we encourage you to let us know if there is any other data that you would appreciate having available. We will keep it in mind as we continue to expand our offerings.

Empowering Businesses to Make Decisions

One of our primary goals at APIBrokers.com is to empower businesses to make important decisions by providing them with the data they need.

We also empower businesses to use data in any way they please, without the hassle of gathering it themselves. Many of our clients incorporate the data into their platforms, finding an entirely new purpose for it.

Data Organized to Fit Your Needs

All of our data products at APIBrokers.com include some level of customization. Many allow you to select various pieces of information to include or exclude from the reports you request. This allows you to ensure you get all the data you need without sifting through irrelevant information.

As mentioned, if there is a particular type of data that we do not currently offer and your business could use, let us know. We will do everything within our power to source the data from APIs. Your request may even prompt us to add it to our standard offerings.

We Serve All Industries

While our services tend to appeal to some industries more than others, we will gladly provide data to any company, regardless of industry.

Many companies choose to use our data to generate leads or for data-driven recruitment. Others use it to forecast trends, research the market and competitors, research how customers feel about their own products, choose which companies to work with, and more.

Our data products are highly adaptable, allowing your company to use them in whichever way best serves your purpose.